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Managing your IP in Latin America

Your Ultimate Intellectual Property Protection Management Partner

Welcome to The Design Business, a company whose main goal is to provide you with information and services that protect and manage your intellectual property. We have made our presence felt in Latin American countries, which include Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, and Venezuela, with our headquarters in Buenos Aires. Our services are especially helpful in Latin America, and help curb the rising cases of theft of intellectual property and trademark abuse. We also handle the filling and registration process for you. We are looking to partner with UK firms so as to extend our services to the Latin American companies based there.

Our Services

We offer an array of services in intellectual property management and protection. These services include:

  • Patent and trademark filing
  • Translating all legal documents into Spanish
  • Patent applications
  • Patent registrationá
  • Patent examination
  • Patent publication
  • Litigation
  • Mediation
  • Patent research
  • Trademark research
  • Monitoring trademarks to avert or deal with breaching
  • Online searches of infringement and abuse

We have the latest internet scanning and surveillance technologies to ensure that we detect any infringement or abuse of trademarks by other companies on the internet

How can you protect your intellectual property?

Intellectual property is any unique brand, product, artistic works, symbols, images, process, design, invention, or any trade secret such as production formulas. Once the ideas or designs are shared with others, they become intellectual property. Therefore, protecting your operation secrets is of paramount importance if you want to stay in business. There are several legal ways through which intellectual property can be protected.


This is a legal document that grants the owner of intellectual property the exclusive and enforceable right to practice the invention and exclude everyone else from using the invention unless with permission. Patents can also be registered in foreign countries to protect a firm's international operations. Patents usually last up to 20 years, and other businesses can apply to license the invention.


This is a legally recognized symbol, sign, sound, or phrase that is used in association with a company's products. Trademark connects the company brand to the quality it wishes to offer, and is what helps to build a reputation. Trademarks can last up to 10 years, and is renewable.


This is a legal document that is used to protect artistic intellectual property. These artistic expressions include poems, books, movies, and songs in their tangible form. A copyright protects the expression of the idea, and not the idea itself. For example, if you have an idea about a book, it cannot be copyrighted. However, if you do write the book, you are allowed to copyright it to protect against reproduction or any other public use without permission.á

Trade Secret

A trade secret is a pattern, a device, a formula, or a set of data that grants a company the business edge over competitors. To protect a trade secret, a company is required to prove that the secret indeed is vital to the operations of the business, and its protection is paramount to company success.

There are endless ways in which intellectual property can be protected and managed. We are here to offer our services to businesses and companies, from filing applications to constant monitoring of the trademark.

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Hola! You are simply the best! I am just starting my business and I had been afraid of sharing my ideas with the employees for fear of losing them. Thank you for helping me get the patents. I am hopeful that my venture will grow steadily. Gracias!
Giulianna Posada
El Dorado


Some of our clients said:

Hallo! I must admit that it had taken me months to place a patent application until I discovered you. The process was taking too long, mostly because I had to be adviced step by step what to do. I was impressed that you solved my headache in weeks. Thank you!
Poncio Rico EstÚvez
Polanco Norte

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